Clié is so bored at home. She play her toys herself, she trys to play with daddy, but daddy gotta build websites, she trys to play with mommy, but mommy gotta take care of little sister Cleo.

And just for the record, at times, Clié can cry up to more than 60% of the time at home when she is awake. She is curious, she is rebellious, she plays finish her toys fairly quickly, she wants our attention. So with all these needs, she creates ingenious way to make her parents have no choice but to spend time with her. Be it scolding her, asking her to get down from the backrest of the sofa, telling her not to use marker on herself, telling her not to pour out all the toys for the fun of it, telling her not to be so… so… wah lau eh…

I believe all our neighbours know our daughter’s name by now with the constant “Clié!!!”

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