Clié turns 2

Today Clié turns 2. I’ll update this entry with pics from the party later tonight. If you wanna wish her, do so on this entry. One day she will read it and love all of you for it.

And here is the update!

Clié Turns 2

We woke up very early today as its a sunday and its church day, but we woke up even earlier than usual 7.45am. I tickled Clié’s belly lightly to wake her up and she started with a smile, then a big grin… it was nice waking her up. Usually she wakes up earlier than all of us.

The night before was quite fun as Anne and Sharon (Pearl’s sis) stayed over at our place the previous night to help prepare food. We had supper while preparing food, it was fun.

Anyway, mommy had to stay home to prepare for the party, so daddy brought Clié to breakfast and church.

Clié Turns 2

The 3 ladies prepared food, lots of food, lots of really nice food, you can see it for yourself, so for those who could not make it. you can just save this picture onto your PC. hee…

Clié Turns 2

Clié was hyper the whole day, doing this and that.

Clié Turns 2

There was a special appearance by JoDee and it was the first time Pearl and i saw her. She was so adorable.

Clié Turns 2

Ok on with the food after a simple grace.

Clié Turns 2

We had a Pinata session and i think this activity was not meant for kids. They hardly had any strength to cause a dent in that thing. Hanah and Clié were both quite afraid of that purple dino pinata.

Clié Turns 2

With much help from the adults, all the sweets came bursting out!

Clié Turns 2

There was face painting and for Clié some back painting too.

Clié Turns 2

Out comes the cake and she started clapping as she got the concept of clapping when there is cake with candles on it only a few months ago.

Clié Turns 2

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to Clié!
Happy birthday to you!

Make a wish. (i don’t think she understands that concept yet)

Blow your candles! She did and got some of her hair burnt as well, not much, just a little.

Clié Turns 2

Mommy cuts the cake and by right, the birthday girl should give out the cake.

Clié Turns 2

And so she did, we were amazed! She actually went around giving out cakes at 2 years old!

Clié Turns 2

After the cakes, all the kids continued to play toyssssss… sss… yes, alot of toys…

Clié Turns 2

Actually Pearl asked me to think of some games to entertain the kids, but i’m quite bad at stuff like dat so basically did not have any idea… But thankfully, Davis (my bro-in-law) took out a secret weapon, A BUBBLE GUN! and all the kids stuck to him like bees to honey. He brought the kids out to play bubbles and they had good fun. I wish i was a kid again.

I was quite happy to see them enjoying themselves as i had a few friends who were at my place for the first time and have not seen for a very long time, so there was a lot of catching up to do. But as there were so many ppl, i would like to apologise to any of our guest if we have made them felt left out.

The last guest left at 11.15pm and that is the earliest record ever for a get together session at our place.

Clié Turns 2

Everyone went home, my little darling had her shower and now its time for bed… Good night my precious one… we love you… may your life be happy…

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  1. Happy 2nd Birthday Clie! wooo.. time flies.. like only not so long ago that we saw the pics when you were just born. btw, by the time you learn to appreciate all these well wishes, i’m already an old auntie.. hahahaa.. anyway, happy bday!

  2. happy birthday clie~
    i’ve been following ur growth progress through this blog and i believe one day you’ll grow to be a pretty lady!
    best wishes! =)

  3. Blessed Birthday, Clie.
    You’ve grown into a beautiful little girl.
    Little girl, do you know that it’s partly because of seeing you grow as a baby that I thought it’d be nice to have a baby of my own?
    I now have my own baby–Ariel…sleeping soundly in her rocker. :o)
    God bless you.

  4. Farny you!
    Your birthday!
    Happy birthday small one, may all your wishes come true and the green face monster fades…or your parents will have more headaches! rhymes

  5. Happy 2nd Birthday Clie!!!
    I really find you a very sweet and cute lil girl. Thus, stay cute and smart always ok! Must take good care of your lil sister Cleo ya~ Hope that lil Clie will grow up to be a very smart and sweet girl~ =)

  6. happy birthday clie ! 🙂 wish i was there at your party today but something came up… hope you have a great time and enjoy your new toys 🙂

  7. Happy 2nd Birthday, Clié! You have a sweet dad and mum, and a cute lil sis… so be filial and treasure them! Grow up smart and pretty! Cheers…

  8. Happy 2nd Birthhhhhday, Clié!! You’ve got the same bday as my mommy! Anyway, hope you’ll have a great party tonight and may god bless you always. Stay cheerful and happy always! Have fun with ur new toys! *hugz*

  9. Happy Birthday dear Clie 🙂
    I love reading your webby…its such a joy and
    never fails to put a smile to my face 🙂

  10. Happy Birthday Clie!!
    Had xmas play rehearsal that day so i missed out all the fun and food. Nonetheless, glad you had so much fun and may God grant you your deepest desires or wishes…you know when you grow up yea =)

  11. oOOOooooooOOOOoooooOOOOooooOOOOooooooOooOOooOOoo
    Happy Birthday Clie! Stay cute and happy always! Cheers! =)

  12. Harlow Clie,

    Uncle Jun & I wished you a Happy 2nd Birthday!
    I don’t think you can remember us becos we only met at Spageddies a couple of months ago. Anyway, continue to bring joy & happiness to your family & be a good gal when you grow up!


    Jun & Angie

  13. i love reading about you small little girl!
    you’re growing into a pretty little girl, nick and pearl must be read proud parents.

    =D happy birthday, be blessed, and be good!

  14. Can u share with me where u got the pinata from as my son is pestering me for one for his birthday next week. I know most people make their own pinatas but i am lousy at DIY things. Is there one that i can buy instead?

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