Glam Clié

Glam Girl

Clié is no longer a baby anymore. She is starting to talk like her parents, behave like what she observes around her, want to go places others go, want to do things others do.

Of late daddy been having verbal sparing with her. She have a way with her words as she is quite clever at worming her way thru an argument with her limited set of vocabulary. Its fun, but yet frustrating.

Glam Girl

Her wardrobe is quite princess-sy as she always choose dresses. So for this time, daddy choose for her what to wear with much opposition from her as she feels the top is cow-boy-ish and not suitable for her. Wah lau, at 5 years old, kids should just wear what their parents tell them right?

Glam Girl

There were alot of other photos, but only these were decent to show. There were some poses  like… huh? wonder what she see from TV when her parents are at work.

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