Science at 6?

Dinosaur at Science Centre

Daddy took leave to bring Clié and Cleo to the Science Centre. At what age would it be meaningful to expose kids to science? Most likely any age and Clié was definitely intrigue with some of the exhibits at the Science Centre.


Energy, Biology, Physics, etc. It was a fun and interesting day for sure.

Fun and Colourful Exhibit

One of the best exhibits would be this interactive multimedia surface. It views what is placed on the surface and decides what to project out on the surface. A rope that makes an oval will create a pond with ducks swimming in it. A square plate would find a dog or cat hiding near or even under it.

With Clié placed on the surface, flowers, clouds, houses and more flowers bloomed all over her. How cool.

2 Responses to “Science at 6?”

  1. april Says:

    Clie & Cleo are so cute, the way they hugged each other!

  2. Brenda Says:

    My, my! How much Clie has grown after all these years.

    She’s really pretty now. (:

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