Happy Princess Day


Happy Birthday Princess Clié Pan, may you be always joyful and may you grow up to be a beautiful and kind ruler to the kingdom of Pan.


Mommy had a great idea this year for Clié’s birthday this year. It was a princess make over party at Curly and Spike, no boys allowed.


The girls wore their best princessy dress and had their hair and make up done.


Smile. 🙂


Even Cleo had fun too.


Daddy got Clié a Sleeping Beauty birthday cake from Bengawan Solo. Do you know sleeping beauty’s name? If you don’t shame on you. Princess Aurora is Clié’s favorite, i think mainly because she is the only princess that wears pink.



There is no party without friends, so here is a picture of all the other princesses from that day. 🙂

Auntie Anne got more photos on her flickr, do check them out here.

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