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Clié had her mock birthday today, reason being, we discovered Lana Cakes recently and wanted to buy a cake from them.


She really looked happy and we also feel so nice to see her so happy.

Lana Pte Ltd
36 Greenwood Ave
Singapore 289239
T: 64668940

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  1. the notorious lana cake is so sinful!!!! but i love it to bits….YUM YUM! got to know her “cousin” who’s in this baking business, good and cheaper also.

  2. do you have to make advance order? can just call in to order? they sell just one flawour of cake or many types? you have the number to call?

  3. Hi Can I check if you make real tiered wedding cake? Our wedding date is 25 June 2005.

    Please advise.


  4. The cake is good but they are so proud..when you call in, they dont entertain you professionally…!!

    I was calling to check for the cake size, flavour etc… wanted to order the 800g ($24.00… cos i need to pick up by 1pm today… the lady was rude and told me i shd order 1kg but wont be ready until 530pm… :)… When i changed my birthday wordings on cake prior to confm my order… she told me off… its too RUDE… so what if their cake is SOOOoo good… there are also good ones in the market…

  5. the cake got 3 flavour , chocolate,coffee & blueberry.

    1> 800g $24 chocolate cake
    2> 800g $26 coffee cake
    3> 1kg $29 chocolate cake

    sorry….i find the cake so so only …very soft & not so sweet.

  6. I don’t know how you guys got bad attitude from the people at Lana cakes. They’ve always been nice to me. My aunt also complained abt their bad service when she picked up the cake. Well, anyway, just wanna say that there are nice people in Lana cakes.

  7. Hmm, I grew up with Lana, sometimes the people are rude, sometimes not so (rude probably cos they are so busy). I do know that the owner is getting old now so pre order is required. fresh bake are on tuesday. Sometimes if you pop in, you may be able to purchase the ready made cake. You may find the cake not so rich which is precisly why ppl love it… you’ll keep eating it and you can’t stop.
    Try the banana!

  8. hi.. has anione tried the coffee cake from lana? i was actualli thinking of getting the chocolate one.. but oso thinking of getting a good coffee cake for my girl’s bdae.. so ani suggestions?

  9. i tried lana and it was good but after i tried choc a bloc chocolate’s super nice.i do not have the no. but have the add:blk 56 bedok north st 2 #01-179.need advance booking too.trying it,you will not regret.

  10. yes,i tried choc.a.bloc’s cake last week and i enjoyed their chocolate fudge tremendously, i managed to lay my hands on one of their name cards, the correct address is blk 86 bedok north st.4 #01-179 or you can try calling them at 64466096 but chances are you can’t get through because i tried calling them many times but no one answered and i had to make my way down to the shop personally.

  11. I had a bad experiene with chocobloc. My order fail to go through because they are overbooked as claimed by them but heard from a friend who ordered recently from them that they did not accept further order because of their new shop opening in Orchard. I was mad as I feel that they are not honest with their customers, what’s more, new customers.. Anyway, if you ask me, both my friebd and myself didn’t find that their cakes are that good, don’t think want to go through hassel of ordering and got rejected because of ‘OVERBOOKING’ reason. Cheers – Michelle

  12. Having really tough time getting thru choc-a-bloc hotline yesterday. The auntie who answered my call was UNHELPFUL and when I asked if she could fax me the cake list with the price, she replied NO and asked me to visit their website few days later. I am very dissappointed with the service… difficulty of getting thru the hotline + a not-helpful & impatient staff handling phone queries. I dun think I will ever wanna order a cake from choc-a-bloc with such poor service.

  13. For the people who received bad service for various reasons, well i believe it takes 2 to clap. If we were being imposing and demanding so naturally the other end will find it difficult to be polite.

  14. I recently went to the chocabloc milkbar at cuppage terrace and they were really nice and they even have ice cream milkshakes and brownies. Good service, most places in the food court jus self-serve but they bring it to us and asked us for feedback.

  15. i use to fall in love with lana cakes.. but recently went to try another type.. i wonder , had anyone heard abt room for dessert?? ohh.. their cakes are really wonderful.. if u r a nuts-craz, u shld try their house favourite-the summertime carrot cake. full of walnuts, rasins.. if u wanna something different, try the banana-about chocolate.. fresh banana in between.. now i prefer room for dessert than lana, is becos the differene btw the two is realli big.. and their cake is really not that fantastic anymore.. to compare btw both shop, try out the choc-a-lot cake for room for dessert.. its a rich cake.. not u will never resist eating a second piece. the price is quite reasonable too.. CHECK out at their website-

  16. I can only say one thing: this is not your normal bakery that will conk out without walk-in customers. They have a loyal regular group of clients that keeps Lana’s business going. Honestly, I’ve never had problem with bad service as I always joke with them and keep it lighthearted. So much so that they will call me whenever there is a spare cake available. They also have other flavors other than the ones listed above. For coconut lovers out there (and non coconut lovers too), you’ve got to try Mrs Kwan’s coconut cake. This cake is not available off-the-shelf, but has to be ordered in advance. However, it is worth the wait as there is nothing as moist and spongy, light and creamy as this anywhere in the world!

  17. I totally agree that Lana Cakes are delicious, but also have to add that the majority of their counter staff really have an attitude problem. I never had a pleasant experience buying cakes from them. I cannot understand why they need to adopt such a Snobbish attitude.

  18. after trying awfully chocolate cake, i feel that’s is much more better than lana cake…… really very yummy… me

  19. so far i had tried a number of chocolate cakes, & the best is still awfully chocolate. their rum & raisin chocolate cakes yummy. lana cake hmmm……dun taste like chocolate cakes, too light.

    I just saw the ad 4 chocabloc. hmmm… wana try the durian chocolate cake, but their website only accept 2kg order. anybody tried their durian chocolate cakes before?

  20. hi,

    anyone watch the hdb taitai last tuesday and could you tell the location of the chocolate cake in bedok. have any tried. thank u.


  21. I’m quite disappointed with Lana’s chocolate cake, as it does not taste have that chocolate taste. But the cake is really moist and soft.

  22. i think the chocolate cake and the mocca flavor is really good. ! Also the new stuffs r serving better : )

  23. May I know if 4 days in advance is sufficient for a 21st birthday cake from Lana’s? say for 30-35 ppl how big should I get?

  24. hi…any one tried familie oven chocolate fudge cake before…i heard its better than lana’s.

  25. The service staff is unfriendly.The cake is a disappointment too.It’s comparable to any other shop.Not as great as we think so

  26. Would like to order a cake for mar 16.pls confirm this reservation. Thx. 97798338. What time does your shop close?

  27. I tried to call your telephone number 64668940 several times today but it was engaged all the time. How can I order a chocolate fudge cake? I cannot find on your website any order instructions.

  28. Hi, I am requesting if I can buy my wife a Lana chocolate cake for about 6 pax size for her birthday tomoro. A bit late and I am trying my luck. Appreciate if u can revert if this is possible. I can come down to collect tomoro. 🙂 Terry@91874335

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