She is such a punk these days, a pure rebel, a little person playing mind games with her limited amount of vocabulary. Every thing you ask her to do she will give you that cheeky smile as if saying “if i don’t do then how?”. Wah lau… i tell you… blood boil man.

Eatting time must run around, tv time must climb up and down the sofa, sleeping time must do summersaults, toilet time must spray water all over…

She is such a punk!

I think the reason is simple… she just wants to experiment with the things around her, and also with her PARENTS PATIENCE…

Lately, she just wants to get out of the house, Church, Grandma’s, playground, downstairs… where ever… she will bug you till you can not “tahan”… I do emphatise with her, it can get quite boring at home. Hopefully her parents can earn enough to bring her to child care where she will be filled with fun activities and friends. We can’t wait for that day to come sooner.

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