Birthday Zoo Visit


It was Clié’s 3rd birthday and daddy took leave to be bring Clié to the Zoo. Something really silly happened while i was buying the tickets.

I carried Clié and sat her on the counter. I asked the ticketing lady, “Birthday got discount or not?”, she asked, “How old is she today?”, i replied, “3 today”. Then came the i feel really dumb reply, “Sir, for kids aged 3 to 12, they will need to pay $8.80, so sorry sir we do not have discounts for birthdays, but since she is 3, you will have to pay $8.80 for her.” I was dumb founded… literally… Out of my embarrassment, i paid.


The whole visit was really good, we got to the 10.30am animal show, the 11.30am elephant show, the 12.30pm farm show. In between the shows, we saw many animals, from chimps to penguins, horses to rhinos and at on point i found it amusing that Clié found the zoo smelly. lol… While waiting for some shows to start, Clié did some drawing collaboration with daddy. Daddy did the sketch, Clié did the colouring.


After all the shows, we went for lunch at the kids area. Clié had a fun time too at the playground. By 3pm, my little girl was dozing off. I told her we should go home, but she refused in a dazed semi-sleeping way… I kept wanting her to agree with me to go home, cuz it was her day, eventually she could not respond to me and was fast asleep.

What a wonderful day. Thank God for children.

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