Green Face Monster!!! BEWARE!!!


Clié loves to draw, doodle, scribble and have random acts of vandalisim. Her hands are also victim to those colurs when she is on her berserk spree.


Then comes the crying (which is very often), she rubs her tears while smudging the colours from her hands onto her uncamouflaged face.


The word to describe her for now is “Naughty!” Plain “Naughty”.

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  1. just had a nice scroll of Clie’s blog from beginning to now – shes so photogenic – just like Pearl 🙂 you should compile a simple A4/A3 calendar layout with some of her photos – I reckon itd be a nice chrissy gift for close frens and rellies 🙂

  2. my mum calls jodee angel “naughty” whenever she cries…why? I think it’s quite “asian” for us to give them “names” though we don’t the way we want to…hmmm, i guess i would think Clie is ” experimental”

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