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Clié was extremely excited to see her little sista… We could all see it in her expression. Pearl and I have been trying to tell her that she is going to have a little sister and i wonder if she even understand the concept of having a sister. But anyway, Pearl has been teaching her that she is going to have a little sister and she is in mommy’s tummy and she will be coming out soon. Now she is out. Clié’s little sister Cleo is out.

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  1. congrats…though i don’t know you guys at all…what’s the age gap between clie & cleo?…nice little family you have…

  2. congrats on the new birth! i’m sure Cleo will grow up to be as sweet n pretty as Clie.. lovely girls you have… and reading about Clie always makes my heart melts.. 🙂

  3. hi again!

    firstly, congrats on ur little girl… i’m sure u are even a happier father now.. 🙂

    anyway, do u have plans to set up another blog for ur newly addition to the family ?

  4. Hey Nick and Pearl~ Congrats to you guys~~ I believe Cleo is another kewl addition to your family~~

    Keep it going~~ Realie a nice and heart-warming site~ Cheers~~

  5. congratulations to the pan family!i’ve just started viewing dis webbie and i think Clié is super adorable!believe tt her sis gona be as adorable and lovely too! once again..congrats on the new member to ur family!

    ps.did you guys by any chance went to great world city on 12 september(a sunday)?i think Clié resembles some1 i saw…or is the world really so small??

  6. wow! cleo has got lots of hair for a newborn. can see that clie loves her little sista very much. look at that smile on her face!

    cute little girls you have nick and pearl! congrats!

  7. have been a silent but loyal reader of your blog site but i had to send this message to congratulate you on your newborn Cleo. She’s adorable! ^_^

    Best wishes. =)

  8. Mummy must be recuperating now. Congrats to your new baby girl. I just started viewing this blog a few days ago and i’m falling in love with your whole family… =)

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