the 25cents ordeal


The little girl wants to do everything herself. “I DO! I DO!” thats what she says all the time. From playing toys to eating food…


brr… its cold.

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  1. Interesting and well made site,could see you really love your daughter and that is really touching.Its the first time I stumble into such site with wondrous contents.Your daugther is cute and adorable and she’s blessed with such great parents.She have a sweet and unique name too.You’re indeed a role model to everybody,cheers.I’m think she loves the ice cream from mcdonalds 😉

    P/s: Mind if I enquire about the hosting services you are currently using and the price of them excluding the domain fees.

  2. i have a sis about 2 months older than clie and she’s also at that stage where she just wants to do everything on her own.

  3. OMG!!! WAt Lovely Girl you have there!
    ahhaha… she is so adorable! man… makes pple wan to get baby fast~~~~

  4. really a charming little girl.. makes me wish that i have a child of my own now.. but i’m only 20. and it doesn’t help that my guy is 2 years younger! ahh.. cute little wonderful babies..

  5. hi there, surf by this cutie’s website by chance, and i hav to agree wif everyone that clie is a cute gal….and she wil continue to grow up as one i believe and its a wonderful website that u’ve got here… 😉

  6. ur daughter is just soo adorable. and she’s lucky to have great parents like u both. happy for u guys 😉

  7. its good that she’s being independent and all. so that when the 2nd baby comes, she will feel responsible and a role of being a older sister.

    she has indeed grown quite a fair bit. prettier i must say. =]

    take care all the Pan’s.

  8. Hi…your site change my views on kids. I HATE kids and I mean it. But after going thru’ your site, it really touched me. Maybe kids aren’t so bad after all. Cheers to you guys!

  9. First time here…

    Awww that’s sooo cute! What a beauty you have. <3 Can’t wait to get married next time and faster have kids… :X

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