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Its 2am and Clié is fast a sleep, but we could not find her on her mattress! we looked around and switched on the lights. Can you find her?


Everyone who has been with Clié knows she is a hyperactive kid, but little do they know, she is quite hyperactive during her sleep too. I don’t think she is facing mecca, but Pearl says she looks like she is either worshiping her unused diapers or the clothes in the wardrobe.


ha ha ha… Clié you make mommy and daddy laugh even when you are asleep.

Dear fellow parents, pls let us know if your kid behaves this way too in their sleep. The adventures of la la land.

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  1. My younger cousin used to sleep like that too when he was younger. Roll here, roll there and can roll off the bed even. That’s why my aunt is so used to putting chairs all around the bed while he is sleeping 😛

    Clie looks so cute! 😛

  2. Hiya.. haha its been a yr since i visit ya site… I got to see Nick’s site a yr ago.. and i read abt clie and a yr has past… she has grew a lot and she is getting prettier! =]

  3. wow. Haha. I bet she must be a muslim or something in her previous life. She’s so damn cute! How does she sleep like that? Doesn’t she get backaches or doesn’t her knees hurt? Bring her up as a gymnast. She’s wonderful.

  4. hahahahaha how did she get in that sleeping position in the first place?! i bet both pearl n u couldnt quite figure why too.. okay.. this really made me laugh… 😀

  5. hahaha…thats so cute! it happened to me once when i was a kid. my parents couldn’t find me, and when they did, they found me sleeping on the dressing table! :p

  6. She’s in a yoga pose vernacularly known as “Baby’s Pose”. It’s actually very comfortable and stretches your lower back.

  7. Hey, first time at your site and I must say you’ve gotta very adorable daughter! =)

    Anyway no worries cos I slept that was when I was young and even till now at the age of 21, I’m still hyperactive in bed and end up in the same position at times! 😉

  8. she is such a jewel! there is so much to discover about this lil girl even in her sleep…

  9. ahahahaha! i’m told my brother and I used to sleep like that when we were toddlers too, my parents always had to get new barriers cos we just kept kicking each other off onto the floors. LOL!

    but then again, we could both just crawl onto the floors in the middle of the night perfectly by ourselves and our parents would find us sleeping together on the floor. lol. if only my parents took photos then. =(

  10. i used to sleep that way too! but not on the floor! how did she rolllll over to the floor instead of the comfy bed! whaha, she’s so cute!

  11. Hehe!!She is so adorable!Just like my cousin,Angelina Leong Mun Ting.When she sleeps,she cannot keep still!!!!!lol

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