Breakfast beauty


Today is sentosa day for thepans and prata was on the agenda for breakfast. Daddy was super busy for the whole of Jan 07 and realised that I did not even take one picture of Clié at all. So these pictures of my beautiful girl was taken in early Feb.

As Clié can’t smile properly infront of the camera, this picture was taken with the specific instruction for her not to smile. Looks like she is not happy, but she is not… she is just not smiling.


Even during breakfast, my girly girl looks very girlish. Her fringe was never cut since birth, hence its as long as the rest of her hair. Its quite troublesome during meal times as it always gets in her face, but when we try to tie it up for her, she refuses… it breaks her branding… her long un-tied hair is the look she wants. vain… very vain…

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