Clié's 4th B Day Party


Happy 4th Birthday Clié!! This year aunt Silver bought her a present and it was a set of traditional Myanmar clothes and i have to say i was quite suprised and happy for the gesture. Its quite nice actually.


Bring very into all things Princess, she initially wanted a Princess cake, but as the cake shop ran out of what she wanted, she settled of a Hello Kitty cake instead. She was quite cool with it. I can sense she would be sad if she did not get any cake at all.

Her birthday is a big thing to her now and she have been mentioning that her birhtday is approaching in 1 month, 2 weeks, 1 week, a few days, tommorow… even yesterday when it has passed.


We did not do anything major this year, but invited a few of her friends from church.


And guess what daddy bought her princess? A pink pair of skates ($16.80 from Giant) with pink guards ($14.30 from Giant also). It rocks. She definately loves it. I wonder when will she ask me for her first pair of aggressive skates.

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