Terminal 2’s renovations are completed and its time to bring the kids to the airport and see whats new.

The kids always loved to go to the airport. They have never sat on a plane before and i wonder when will it be their first time.

Clié loves her sister alot and many times i can see her protecting her little sister. Althought she still snatch stuff from Cleo, but with some explanation, she usually will do the right thing.

Clié is really growing up fast and i’m having some difficulties trying to catch up with her. She is able to draw a smiling face, she can draw the sun and her colouring skills are getting better by the day. She can remember music pretty well and its nice to see her humming along to familiar tunes.

I seriously need to spend more time with Clié and do memoriable stuff with her. She is only 3 for 1 year in her life and i don’t want to miss it.

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