Home Sweet Home


Clié is so full of energy, we her parents find it hard to keep up with her. She wants to do so many things… she wants ice from the fridge, she wants to put her hand in our food, she wants to throw rubbish, she wants to play her toys, she wants to watch kiddy VCDs, she wants to be involved in cooking, she wants to lift up the toilet seat, she wants to play in her bathtub, she wants to close the door, she wants to wear mummy’s shoe, she wants to ride her tricycle, she wants to read her library books, she wants to open the drawers, she wants to use the key to open the locked drawers, she wants to wear her shoe, she wants to hide in the house, she wants to bring her blanket everywhere, she wants her parents to want to play with her… and the list goes on…


She still can’t paddle her tricycle yet, but she is using her flintstone style kenetic energy to power up her machine.


She can reverse too…

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  1. I love the uppsermost photograph of Clie smiling. She looks so adorable 😛 Anyway, Kids would have more and more demands as they grow 😉

  2. this has to be my fave pic of clie – its so natural, the smile her sweetness – shucks shes jus so alluring!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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