As Clié’s grandparents, yes all 4 of them gotta work, being parents we got no choice but to leave her with with our maid in the day when we go to work (how typical Singaporean). In the beginning, she used to cry alot and we can sense she feels abandoned, saddened when you walk thru the gate to go to work. Worse still when Pearl and I leave home at different times in the morning, Clié has to go thru the painful ordeal twice every work day.

Now, the little one has came to accept the fact and is able to understand that her parents just had to leave the house, to where she don’t have a clue, but she knows we will always return in the evening. So now she waves bye bye everymorning before we leave. With a smile in her face, her parents are now stronger to challenge the days ahead and look forward for the joy on her face when we return.

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  1. Well…I understand how you feel…been there done that… still doing 🙂 … but the smile on Valerie’s cheeky face that welcomes me every evening is worth all the hard day’s work.

  2. Hi, I come across your blog via the link at Angelia’s LJ and I think your girl’s really cute. I also love those graphics at Did you create/draw those graphics yourself?

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