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Clié say hello


Clié is so grown up now, we can talk to her and she responses intelligently. Finally we are having conversations. “Daddy, i want to eat breakfast.” she will always say in the morning… “Daddy come back already.” when i come home from work… “Daddy, what you doing?” when she is bored and wants to get involved in what we are doing… “Daddy, i want to poo poo” (self explanatory). “Daddy, mommy where?” when Pearl is not around… “Farney you! ha ha ha!” when she is in a good mood and thinks we are wierd.


Honestly, Clié is more naughty than nice, the reason is because she is cooped up at home the whole day, the whole week almost and that alone can drive a person insane, more so Clié when her attention span is so short and gets bored very quickly with her toys, drawing or drawing her toys.

Spending time to earn enough to make ends meet is important, but that would mean less time with my darling. I’m sorry that i can only spend so little time with you every day and that discipline has to be part of it when you are very much like your dad… relac okay, don’t bully your parents… farny you…

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