Princess Game


The girls loves all things princess, even now daddy can name the princesses. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Belle (Beauty & the Beast), Ariel (the Little Mermaid), Jasmine (Aladdin), Snow White (and the even dwarfs)…

Clie’s fav is Aurora and i think the main reason is because of her pink dress. Cleo’s fav however is Belle and its because of the wonderful songs in the movie.


We downloaded the pictures graphics off Disney’s Princess website, printed them on paper, glued them to cards and cut them out. Did a little base & slotted them together.


So the Princesses had to have a place to live, so we drew a land with a castle, a few houses, a few ponds, many trees and it was fun. Of cause there was the occasional abstract scribbles from Cleo.


The girls loved it.


Daddy had fun too.

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