Costa Sands Downtown East

Being the school holidays, we brought the kids to Downtown East and stayed over at Costa Sands Resort.

We definately brought them to Wild Wild Wet which they did enjoy, but Clieé is still afriad of the slides. She always have this daring front, but she is actually a low risk taker. I managed to slide her down the pink straight slide by herslef and she cried, complained to mommy that i pushed her… oh man… Clié you got to be more daring! and most importantly trust daddy. Ok we will try again some other time.

We had mini BBQ, just our little family. And as the mid autumn festival i round the corner, we lighted up candles and kids being kids, they were fascinated with fire. Clié played the candles our our supervision.

In this trip, é tried the magic dust popping candy and it was a new yet weird experience. She did not really like it that much and daddy ended up having it.

Clié have been very difficult to handle of late. She wants things NOW, she wants it HER WAY, i know she just wants more attention and just wants us to do more stuff with her. She is growing and growing fast. We need to be there for her. I’m looking forward for the next outing i’m planning to have with only her. Maybe we’ll go ice skating as she have been seeing Princess Annika skating gracefully in the DVD.

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