Clié's 3rd B Day Party


Today we celebrate Clié’s 3rd birthday. We invited many kids and i she did enjoy the day.


Here is one of the rare times we take a picture together as a family.


As you can see, Clié has many friends and she knows each of them by name. I think thats quite a feat for a 3 year old.


This is the first time she hands out her own cake to the guests. At 2 its just not too possible and its really nice to see her doing stuff like that. She is all grown up now.


We made a pinata, but it was really not easy. It also did not break as how it should be, but we did get quite a lot of fun just wacking it anyway.


Happy Birthday my dear girl, may your life be always filled with people who loves you.

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  1. Happy Birthday Clié! continue to grow up to be a healthy, pretty & happy girl! 🙂
    pardon for the ignorance, what’s a pinata for?

  2. Was it not juz ‘yesterday’ dat i saw her 2nd birthday celebration pics???? wow! kids really grow up fast yeah! Happy Birthday Clie!!!

  3. oman! HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY! i almost couldn’t believe it. time flies. i’ve been reading this blog since she was 7 mths old. :O

  4. hi! nice to see new posts!! ur 2 lil girls are really pretty and adorable! blessed are you.. so glad to witness sucha family..

    i know i said it before.. hahaha, but really, may ur family grow healthily and happily 🙂


  5. My little girls bithday is coming up soon and she too will be three.They grow up so fast.Enjoy them now cause before we know it they’ll be celebrating their sweet sixteen.I hope she had a good time.It looks like she did.I hope our girls are always that happy.

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