To the Park


“Daddy! Shoe! Shoe! Go Out! Go! Park! Shoe!” thats what the small girl will say if i reach home before sunset. And yes, i’ll definately bring her, how can i say no… how can i bear too ignore her simple request and her highlight of the day.


She see kids not wearing shoes, so she also wanna take those foot wear off. The ironic thing is she is not used to stepping on sand, so she goes “eee… eee…” how farney.

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  1. yes such a lovely girl!

    hi! i’ve been reading for sometimes (since the entry about her worshipping the wardrobe in her sleep?) but haven’t been posting comments…

    wow we can really see her grow up day after days via all these piccy entries. it’s so sweet! and Clié’s so adorable!!

    all the best for ya 2 gals~ *^_^*

  2. hi, I’m one of the many Singaporeans who’s been visiting your blog since dunno-when (I think since The Straits Times interviewed you on ur bloggie!). I can tell you it’s such a joy watching Clie, and now, Cleo, grow up week by week.. thank you and your wife for sharing your happiness with the whole world! 🙂

    oh my..clie’s like a ‘lil princess! and soon, cleo’s going to be one too! best wishes to the whole Pan family!

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