Ritz Carlton

Clié was at our good friends’ wedding. Congrats to Joe and Kelen. But i think it was neither the wedding nor the food that she liked, but its the wide carpeted space that allowed her to run around.


la la la la la la….

At one point, she wanted to take out her right shoe for no particular reason and refused to wear it back. I tried to explain to her that there are pins all over the floor and even picked up one to show her and even lightly pricked her to get her to understand, but she refused to understand, instead from her perspective i was the idiot, cuz she is clearly trying to explain to me that she DOES NOT WANT to wear her shoe! and how hard was that to understand from her body and crying language…. so we were both at a stalemate….

eventually i had to with much regret, assert the i’m-your-father-you-must-listen-to-me law of the universe even if it means struggling, crying, shouting, making a scene, etc… girl its really for your own good, listen to daddy ok. the answer was a clear “NO! NO!”. *sigh* parenthood….


She rolls all around too, round and round, round and round… la la la la la….

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  1. Oooh, love the pic with her big, wide smile! She looks absolutely pretty. You should blow up that pic. 🙂

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