Chocolate Caked


Clié is quite independent. She does not really like to be fed, she likes to eat on her own. At home she MUST have her own bowl and spoon in order to have a meal.


So having chocolate cake outside is also the same, she will have to have her own spoon and she wants to eat by herself.


But at the end of the day she is still being fed about 98% of her daily non bottled intake.

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  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. this site is like a peter rabbit etc. storybook! cool… interesting… astounding… btw, wat’s with the creepy pillsupplier posts…

  3. u guys went to the marmalade pantry rite? me thinks so coz of the place mat and logo… u can call me a food detective – i can sniff wen chocolate/icecream/chips hv walked out of e fridge/pantry in to ‘a certain someone’s’ tummy 😛

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