Clié's Fries Tutorial


pick up your fries and inspect it, making sure that it does not have dirt on it and that its not one of those you have tossed onto the floor earlier.


dunk your fries into a sauce to add flavour to your fries.


just to recap, we would have picked up the fries and have dipped it into a sauce, if you have missed any steps, pls start again.


now put it in your mouth where the pacifier usually goes.


urm… make sure you know what sauce you have dipped into just now.


if there is a biting sensation on your tongue, try to keep that area out of your mouth to prevent it from spreading.


smell the regretful choice you have made and remember not to dip your fries into any sauce that smells ilke that.


HA HA HA… i used the wrong sauce.

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  1. hahaha!!!
    nick+pearl this is way too cool! thanks to clie for providing a good nite smile for a very tired out person 🙂

    Fry on!

  2. hi my fren actually sent me this blog saying “pretty and cute gal” i was curious n decided to check it out and so far have seen both ur wife’s n little baby’s blog n urs too.admire ur love for ur baby! n i’m sure ur baby will grow up to appreciate her parents a lot!btw i’m an art student n realli like the pic effects!hehe.keep up the good job i’m goin to adopt this idea next time when i have a baby…god bless n keep updating the cool blog!

  3. haha see the way she eat..u had a adorable daughter!envy,recuperate well,tke gd cre 🙂
    congrats to the birth of baby Cleo

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