Wakey Wakey


The little one has so many expressions like this one where it means “good morning and get me out of the cot. now! right now!”. I think must get a video recording capability device soon…

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  1. Clié looks like she’s been taken away of her priority & freedom to touch all the things in the house! muahaha..

    cute lil’ Clié goin crazy huh…early in the morning kena ‘stuck’ in the cot! muahahaha
    (‘ ‘,)

  2. Clie’s just so adorable! I really think you should get a video recording capability device. I’m sure every being who visits this site, wants to know what the atmosphere is like, in each picture we see…

  3. this picture of hers resembles so so much of her mum!

    Little Clié wants to start her own movie! She’s trying to beg Daddy to get a video cam.

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