How to make an egg sandwich

July 31st, 2008

Mash up the eggs

First grate the eggs or mash them up in any way you can think of.

Cut the tomatoes

Second, prepare all the other stuff like slicing up the tomatoes.

Getting Cleo to help

Third, in order for this task not to be boring and lonely, feel free to invite a sibling to participate.

add some pepper

Once everything seems fine, add a final dash of pepper and you are good to go.

cut them up

Before serving, cut them up in pieces that can be easily managed.

Job well done

Lastly, lay them out nicely on a platter and say “wahla!” with pride in the final outcome.

A few mistakes can also be observed. Wearing PJs to make food without a happening apron is totally unglam.

Science at 6?

July 4th, 2008

Dinosaur at Science Centre

Daddy took leave to bring Clié and Cleo to the Science Centre. At what age would it be meaningful to expose kids to science? Most likely any age and Clié was definitely intrigue with some of the exhibits at the Science Centre.


Energy, Biology, Physics, etc. It was a fun and interesting day for sure.

Fun and Colourful Exhibit

One of the best exhibits would be this interactive multimedia surface. It views what is placed on the surface and decides what to project out on the surface. A rope that makes an oval will create a pond with ducks swimming in it. A square plate would find a dog or cat hiding near or even under it.

With Clié placed on the surface, flowers, clouds, houses and more flowers bloomed all over her. How cool.


June 7th, 2008

Carebear ride

Staying at home have got to be one of the most boring thing to do for Clié. She loves to go out… no matter where… even if its just to go pick mommy up from the MRT or just running errands.

With daddy and mommyworking late almost every other day, the weekends are precious.

This saturday, daddy brought Clié and Cleo to Downtown East to see Kung Fu Panda in the morning. Then in the evening, back to Downtown East again to catch Carebears who are making an appearance there.

New Carebear Plush

Yay! A New Carebear plush for Clié.

With digicam at home

May 20th, 2008

Doing homework

The digital camera is so easy to operate, hence the kids at times take it out and snap random pictures of daily life at home.

Its nice to piece together the photos and try to figure out what were they doing. Here Clié is doing something at mommy’s desk. I hope she is doing her homework or practicing her spelling, but then again, she might be just doing something to something on the desk that we do not want to know. lol…

Running around

There is definitely alot of running happening at home.

When we bought the place, the intention was to leave the living room as open as possible, cause i really like to give our kids big wide open spaces to play, to do what ever they want to do. I’m glad they like it like that too.

To Breakfast

April 19th, 2008

To Breakfast

Girl, you’ve grown up a little more each day. As the days go by, you show us more of who you are, the things you like, the things you dislike, the places you like to go, the things you love to do.

Do you know you are very much like daddy, living in the same house with you allows us to know you inside out.

On weekend mornings, you will come to our room and cuddle in bed with us. In the day, you are so full of energy. At times, you are so emotional and tell us in simple words how hurt you are for what ever reasons. Daddy knows how you feel, cuz sometimes daddy is also just like you.

The above photo was taken on Saturday morning just before we went downstairs for breakfast. Your “just wake up” look is so authentic. Love you girl. :*

Clapping at Church

March 23rd, 2008

Clapping at Church

This picture is taken by Brenda about 1 year ago and its lovely.

Daddy have not been taking much photos of the kids of late and will try to take more… in efforts to document Clié’s life.

Pizza Girl

January 4th, 2008


Clié wanted to make pizza, so mommy guided her on the art of pizzaing.


Clié is a hands-on person, she loves art and craft, getting her hands dirty, making stuff.


Wah lah! all ready for the oven.


mmm… its starting to look good.


TADAH! one pizza DONE!

Bye Bye Tooth

December 15th, 2007


Clié’s second tooth came off today and she was excited. The first one came off a few months ago.


We think its kind of early as she is just 4 when the first one came off. But I’m glad she is not afraid to get mommy to pull it out with a dental floss.


Happy Princess Day

December 8th, 2007


Happy Birthday Princess Clié Pan, may you be always joyful and may you grow up to be a beautiful and kind ruler to the kingdom of Pan.


Mommy had a great idea this year for Clié’s birthday this year. It was a princess make over party at Curly and Spike, no boys allowed.


The girls wore their best princessy dress and had their hair and make up done.


Smile. 🙂


Even Cleo had fun too.


Daddy got Clié a Sleeping Beauty birthday cake from Bengawan Solo. Do you know sleeping beauty’s name? If you don’t shame on you. Princess Aurora is Clié’s favorite, i think mainly because she is the only princess that wears pink.



There is no party without friends, so here is a picture of all the other princesses from that day. 🙂

Auntie Anne got more photos on her flickr, do check them out here.


November 24th, 2007


As a family, we went to see Enchanted and it was really nice. This story being the latest in the Disney Princess collection, the girls had to go catch it.

Watch the trailer here.

Go catch it if you have not. Its a film for the entire family.

I simply love the juxtaposition between fairy tales and real life. Why can’t we have Happily Ever Afters, why can’t we keep things simple, why can’t we be like kids again. Clié, enjoy being a kid and remember daddy brought you to see Enchanted. When you are older, see the movie again.

You will always be my princess.